Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

5. Goodwill and Other Intangibles

5. Goodwill and Other Intangibles
6 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2017
Goodwill and Intangible Assets Disclosure [Abstract]  
Goodwill and Other Intangibles

The Company’s intangible assets consist of goodwill, customer relationships intangible, licenses for the use of internet domain names, Universal Resource Locators, or URL’s, software, and marketing and technology related intangibles. All such assets are capitalized at their original cost and amortized over their estimated useful lives as follows: domain name and marketing – 3 to 20 years; software – 5 years, customer relationships – 15 years. Goodwill is not amortized, but evaluated for impairment on at least an annual basis.


The following summarizes estimated future amortization expense related to intangible assets that have net balances as of March 31, 2017:


2017     $ 673,290  
2018       672,884  
2019       672,884  
2020       240,140  
2021       240,140  
Thereafter       365,687  
      $ 2,865,025